Struggling to maintain cashflow during lock down?

Gvouchers helps you sell Gift Vouchers to your loyal customers.

Jimmy Hyun

"Gvouchers has worked amazingly and helped us stay afloat while we are closed due to the pandemic. I won’t lie, I did do some research looking for hidden costs and fees, and Gvouchers is an absolutely free service. Bella Vita Dance Academy can’t thank you enough for this easy to use platform."Jimmy Hyun - Bella Vita Dance - New Hampshire

Shannon Palmer

"Gvouchers is awesome and makes it super easy to book clients for later. Thank you so much for making this service for us, I am seriously so grateful."Shannon Palmer - Photographer - Shreveport, Louisiana

How It Works
You share your Gvouchers link with your previous customers.
They choose a Gift Voucher option and proceed to checkout using either a PayPal account, Visa or MasterCard.
Upon a successful transaction, the Gift Voucher funds are deposited directly into the business owner's PayPal account.
A digital Gift Voucher, with a unique voucher code, is emailed to the customer and business owner.
Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ: How much does it cost?

Gvouchers is a free service and takes no commission whatsoever. The transaction happens directly in the owner's PayPal account.

FAQ: But nothing is really free...

True true. There is no commission if the customer has an existing PayPal account in the same country as the business owner. But there is a 2.9% + 0.30c PayPal fee if the customer uses a credit card. So if someone buys a $100 Gift Voucher the fee is $3.20 ($2.90 + 0.30c) leaving you with $96.80. It's worth noting that if you were taking payment in your store there would be a transaction fee at that point. After this Gift Voucher transaction there are no more fees.

FAQ: What are the other currencies and payment options?

Right now Gvouchers only accepts USD using PayPal. PayPal however does a local currency conversion for your customer if needed.

FAQ: Who runs Gvouchers?

Rob Hope - a designer/developer from Cape Town, South Africa.

FAQ: What if I have some questions?

No problem. Please email or tweet @robhope :)